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Nap alarm clock helps you to use any time you can to take for a Nap. Now, many people live a busy life. Weekdays even weekends seem like long period with some intervals in between. When you feel tired and only have some minutes, say 15 minutes. A Nap clock will come in help for you. You just need to press the 5, 15, 30 minutes on top to set the Nap time you need. It is very simple and save your time. Current time is in big digits. Indoor temperature is also available for easy reading. Regular alarm and snooze function is included. This Nap clock can be placed on each desktop and also portable.

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1. Watch the time. The most beneficial naps during the day according to sleep experts are relatively short. This is because short naps only allow individuals to enter the first two stages of sleep. Once you enter slow wave sleep, it's much harder to wake up and you may be left feeling groggy for hours afterwards. Ideally, keep your naps under 20 minutes. Naps of this duration are short enough to fit into a workday but still give the benefits of improved mood, concentration, alertness, and motor skills. If you've got more time, a nap of 45 minutes can also have benefits, including boosts in sensory processing and creative thinking. If you go longer, aim for at least 90 minutes so you'll work your way through all the stages of sleep and won't wake up disoriented.

White nap 50

white nap 50


white nap 50white nap 50white nap 50white nap 50white nap 50