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The Liquid Run is specially designed for you and your friends to splash, bounce, and bound through a floating obstacle course with over 60 challenging (but fun!) obstacles to traverse, all on top of clean, clear water! We'll have fun for all your family and friends including a Free Play Zone, Kids Zone, Music, Food Trucks, and much more! The Liquid Girls will even be on hand to take selfies and help you find the Liquid Libations Beer Garden. It's all happening in sunny SoCal, so get your crew together and make a plan to get out there and get soaked!

I knew at a young age that I had a passion for art, winning several local art competitions in junior high and high school. At the age of 14, I accompanied my brother to get his first tattoo, an angel on his back. As I watched the artist work, I was fascinated by the beauty, precision and focus involved in tattooing, and I peppered him with a constant barrage of questions. I knew then and there that I wanted to tattoo for the rest of my life. Immediately after graduating high school, I began my apprenticeship, and spent the next decade learning and tattooing under some of the best artists in the country. I don’t “specialize” in a particular style of tattooing; instead, my focus is to give the client the absolute best tattoo possible, regardless of its style. I’m stoked to join the Liquid Courage team, and look forward to collaborating with such an awesome group of artists and clients!

When to take liquid anavar

when to take liquid anavar


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