Steroid use and body odor

I am a mother of 6 and I have this issue on and off for years. I use starts happening when I lose weight . This time I really have been trying , but it just showed up so fast. My stomach has been hurting real bad for 3days now. I took my shirt off to get in the shower and there is was my newly was red and smelly and it has puss coming out. I took a shower this morning and it wasn’t there. I had to take another shower because my stomach was hurting and bent o er and I pee my pants. So my question isshould iI go to the doctor for this.

In boys, testicular enlargement is the first physical manifestation of puberty (and is termed gonadarche ). [27] Testes in prepubertal boys change little in size from about 1 year of age to the onset of puberty, averaging about 2–3 cm in length and about –2 cm in width. The size of the testicles is among the parameters of the Tanner scale for male genitals , from stage I which represents a volume of less than ml, to stage V which represents a testicular volume of greater than 20 ml. Testicular size reaches maximal adult size about 6 years after the onset of puberty. After the boy's testicles have enlarged and developed for about one year, the length and then the breadth of the shaft of the penis will increase and the glans penis and corpora cavernosa will also start to enlarge to adult proportions. [28] While 18–20 cm 3 is an average adult size, there is wide variation in testicular size in the normal population. [29]

Steroid use and body odor

steroid use and body odor


steroid use and body odorsteroid use and body odorsteroid use and body odorsteroid use and body odorsteroid use and body odor