Primobolan tablets

Female steroid users, on the other hand, will find Primobolan quite beneficial. The injectable version of Primobolan is obviously more efficient overall compared to the oral form. Most female users will need to use this steroid in bursts of 4-6 weeks to avoid virilisation. For example, when taking Primo in bursts of 4 weeks, they need to take the pills or injections for 4 straight weeks and then take a break of 2 weeks before using it for another 4 weeks. But users must discontinue use of the steroid and allow their bodies to heal whenever the symptoms of virilisation begin to appear. Most of the time, a lot of women will need about 100mg of Primo per week to achieve the desired results. However, 50mg is the ideal dosage.

Unlike injectable methenolone, oral version of the drug can be considered practically useless. The fact that Methenolone Acetate is not alkylated by 17-? steroid, therefore, it is a subject to the active destruction of the liver. To increase the bioavailability of the drug, it was introduced methyl group in position 1, but in practice it has little avail. The bioavailability of oral methenolone is very low (less than 20%, and on a number of data even a half lower) in order to achieve a more or less pronounced effect daily dose should not be less than 100-150 mg (some experts suggest that even 200-300mg as it seems closer to the truth). Given the very high price of the drug and a low efficiency even at aforesaid doses, it can hardly be expected to be widespread.

Primobolan tablets

primobolan tablets


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