Oral primo and anavar

3) The anavar/primo stack doesn't seem to be favored, especially since primo is better stacked with a testosterone, which will yield more gains, as well as fending off the erectile dysfunction that would result from an androgen-light primo cycle. I'm gonna be really honest with you, Rustyhooker, I'm scared of testosterone. I had a bad experience ten years ago where my balls disappeared for a good while. I'm scared of test's sides and the crash. In lieu of test, how do you think a milder drug like equipoise would work? Would it fend off erectile dysfunction like test would?

Primo is available in both oral and injectable form, but it has not proven to be a successful mass building drug when taken orally because the liver usually destroys any traces of Methenolone Acetate that is ingested through the mouth.  Similar to Anavar, it is mild and contains less of those steroid properties which leads to water retention or acne or any other side effects that are related to estrogen. This makes Primo a very successful drug amongst those who become easily prone to side-effects like skin problems and digestive issues.

Oral primo and anavar

oral primo and anavar


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