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Nadya Mikdashi, a Lebanese addiction specialist who runs Skoun , Lebanon’s only outpatient treatment center, was not surprised to hear that soldiers on all sides of Syria’s conflict have turned to amphetamines. “Historically, fighters always used drugs,” she says. “Since the beginning of availability of synthetic drugs as well, you know, this has been going on.” Only a few patients in her facility have come in contact with Captagon, but Mikdashi is worried by the recent reports of shipments from Syria being intercepted by authorities from Dubai to the West Bank. “Where are these drugs going? To the Gulf, to Sudan, to different places.…A lot of people in the region are using amphetamines.”

The broad applicability of our antisense technology allows us to create promising drugs and we have successfully developed novel drugs designed to treat many different diseases. In therapeutic areas that are outside of our core areas of development, we have licensed our drugs to highly focused satellite companies that have the specific expertise and resources to continue developing the drugs. Together with our partners we continue to advance drugs in clinical development that are outside of our core therapeutic areas, such as the ocular and antiviral drugs we and GSK are developing under our preferred partner collaboration.

Familial chylomicronemia syndrome is a genetic disorder in which the body does not break down fats correctly.  The disorder is quite rare, occurring in less than 1 to 2 million people, though it is slightly more common in certain areas, as in certain parts of Quebec.  The disease leads to symptoms such as recurrent pancreatitis and fatty deposits in the skin (xanthomas).  (See “Symptoms.”) The syndrome results in a marked elevation of chylomicrons and triglycerides.  Triglycerides are a kind of lipid, substances that cannot be dissolved in water.   They are taken into the body from the diet in the form of fats and oils. To be transported in the bloodstream, they are packaged with other proteins, called apolipoproteins, as well as with cholesterol molecules and other lipids.  … read more

Isis pharmaceuticals steroids anavar

isis pharmaceuticals steroids anavar


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