How to use liquid steroids

The phase diagram explains why liquids do not exist in space or any other vacuum. Since the pressure is zero (except on surfaces or interiors of planets and moons) water and other liquids exposed to space will either immediately boil or freeze depending on the temperature. In regions of space near the earth, water will freeze if the sun is not shining directly on it and vapourize (sublime) as soon as it is in sunlight. If water exists as ice on the moon, it can only exist in shadowed holes where the sun never shines and where the surrounding rock doesn't heat it up too much. At some point near the orbit of Saturn, the light from the sun is too faint to sublime ice to water vapour. This is evident from the longevity of the ice that composes Saturn's rings.

You do need to get coverage over the affected areas for Minoxidil to be effective. That is, the Minoxidil does not have a positive effect on adjacent areas – only on the area to which it was applied. It does take some practice and patience but I find that if I lightly tap the dropper (assuming liquid) over the entire affected area, and then use the end to ‘distribute’ the liquid by pushing it along my scalp in several different directions, I can get the required coverage. As I said, it takes time, buyt I believe it gives you the best chance of keeping the Minoxidil where it needs to act – on your scalp, not on your fingers.

How to use liquid steroids

how to use liquid steroids


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